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Story of Author Ramesh Arreja

Who Is Author Ramesh Arreja?

Author Ramesh Arreja is a prominent Author whose writing career began back in 2017 after his first published work. Since then, he has explored different writing genres and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await his latest releases. With numerous bestsellers and awards to his name, Author Ramesh Arreja continues to push literary boundaries. 

Ramesh Arreja a man who comes from the city of lakes Bhopal, is a postgraduate and a Banker by Profession. He has had a glorious 13 year long banking career within which acclaimed many certifications in various banking courses.

Ramesh is truly a self made man as we understood when he shared that he hails from a family in bhopal who has a well running business. In Quest to give something back to society he has come up with an app based learning platform for his fellow Banker’s where he gives free lectures on weekends.

Passion is a man’s greatest interest which comes from early in life and by heart. One such passion Ramesh possesses is Creative writing.

He has written Academic book titled “The Number Crunchers “An Accountancy guide. “Extraordinary fate of an Ordinary man” is his first attempt at Fiction , is inspired by a book from Ten qualities of Lord Shiva which if applied to practical life can change our perspective towards life. The plot of the book is the perfect way to explain the difficulties and tough choices a middle class boy has to make each and every day.

His upcoming book “Karmyogi In battle with inner demons” is based on how difficult it is to follow the right path. It may be difficult but in the end it is right. Story of Shivansh and his quest to find his identity. How his story resembles to story of characters from Mahabharat

Ramesh also plans to write more such books on Mythology, Spirituality and Mysterious events. To add to the list he is also currently writing a web series.

While we go deeper into his life , he is surely a man with  many responsibilities and acclamation to share some , he is also an aspiring Screenwriter and a member of SWA (Screenwriters Association of India).  Ramesh has a  personal blog where he writes short stories, poems and financial articles. Definitely a long list it is, but there is no end to what a man can achieve and can do. Ramesh beautifully brings this saying true.

Coming to his personal life, Ramesh is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva which predominantly reflects in his writings. He loves teaching and is a keen learner.

He lives in the city of dreams Mumbai 

We definitely have to admit Ramesh is one of the most interesting personalities we have come across. We are waiting to hear from him about the new additions to his list in the future.

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