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10 Qualities you definitely need to inherit from Lord Shiva.

Devo k Dev Mahadev is known as Lord Shiva. Do you know why? He has multiple shades to his personality. He is known as Mahakaal – the destroyer and Bholenath – an almighty who can conciliate easily. Being worshiped all around the world, he is known as the one who introduced Ardhanarishvara, a form of Lord Shiva together with his wife Parvati, portrayed as half male and half female. There are lots more qualities which we need to inherit from Lord Shiva. Let see some of them. 1. Ardhnarishwar:- It is believed that unmarried girl who fasts on Monday is said to have an idol husband like him. Shiva love for his wife was unconditional. Parvati Ji always used to sit beside his side. She never sat at his feet nor stand behind him. We have seen many instances of failed marriages where there was no equality between spouse. This is best quality to learn from Shiva and we shall always treat our partner equal in all aspects. 2. He can turn negativity into positivity:- Lord Shiva is also known as Neelkanth. It is said that all Devas and Rakshasas were churning the sea in turn of nectar when halala appeared. It was unbearable and lethal. In order to save everyone from this immortal poison, Lord Shiva decided to keep it up in his throat. This is the reason he has a blue color body. This is where he turned negativity into positivity to save the world. So next time whenever you are surrounded by negativity or get a mouthful from your boss try to find some positive in it. Obviously you cannot gulp down " Vish" but you can definitely gulp the all the negativity and return positivity to all. 3.One must always keep a check on his ego:- The trishul carried by Lord Shiva defines his three central powers, ego, action and knowledge. He always carries it with him as it keeps him reminds of being in control of his three powers. He has the power to destroy the world. But he never let his ego control him. Doesn't matter how higher you go in the corporate ladder or how much knowledge you have acquire always keep your ego in check. If your knowledge is not shared or power is not used to help others than it is of utter waste. 4. Forgiveness signifies your strength:- According to Lord Shiva, it is believed that forgiveness is the best option when it comes to teaching someone a lesson. You might have heard about the egoistic Daksha who used to degrade Lord Shiva. Daksha was killed for his sins but in the end, Shiva revived him and forgave him. This is one of the reasons why he is called Bholenath. So try to let go things and don't hold grudges to anyone. Because if you don't forgive someone and instead decided to take revenge. You want a revenge because you want to see how the person reacts when you will take that revenge, but if the person doesn't react as expected by you, then the revenge backfires. So instead of wasting lot of energy on revenge, try to let go things. And when you are forgiving, give transformation al forgiveness which means when you forgiving someone don't expect an apology or anything in return. 5. Happiness doesn’t lie in materialistic things:- Lord Shiva never attached any materialistic things to his body. He never wore gold or diamonds but instead opt for animal skin with a Damru and Trishul. He knew that these materialistic things can only give him temporary happiness. Happiness lies in events and experiences. We often try to confine our happiness in wordly/ materlistic things. Try to find happiness in success of others instead. It's human tendency to be happy when your competitor fails, or find happiness in others failure. Try the opposite, be happy when other succeed. We are happy only on our success, try to be on two, twenty, fifty people, your happiness will be limitless. 6.Destroyer of evils:- He could not tolerate anything wrong. He was the destroyer of evil and was intolerant towards Rakshasaas. One must always stand against the wrong. Never ever tolerate injustice/ wrong. If you see something wrong or injustice being done, immediately come to rescue in a calm manner. Shiva says the person who is quite against injustice is more wrong than the person doing it. So don't just be a mere spectator. Be brave to fight against it. 7. No ways for partiality:-

Bholenath was remarkably impartial. He never differentiates between his devotees and gives a boon to everyone who pleased him irrespective of whether they are his friends or evils. Never/ever discriminate on the basis of caste/color/creed/religion. All are equally blessed. When God himself has not discriminated while blessing everyone, who are we to do it. 8. He always managed his anger in a constructive manner:- Shiv Tandav Lord Shiva was known as Nataraj. Nataraj is made up of Natya meaning dance and raja. Whenever he is angry he expresses his anger through dance known as tandava, a dance in which the universe is created, maintained and dissolve. There may instances when you will feel mad/angry at lot of things. Channelise this anger to achieve the unachievable, because it has the energy but at this moment, it has to be channelised correctly. 9.Unity in Diversity:- Mahadev with Nandi Mahadev vehicle is an Ox called Nandi, with a snake around his neck, Parvati vehicle is a lion. While his son, Ganesha vehicle is rat and Kartikeya’s vehicle is a peacock. They all are prey and predators who cannot even stay together. But Shiva family teaches us how to live together in peace and harmony. At your workplace, you will meet people from different backgrounds, we should be cooperative and try to imbibe the quality cooperation and collaboration. A team, although diverse but can move mountains.

Lord Shiva is the symbol of balance in Universe. He possessed a anger which could kill anyone but yet he can be pleased with times. He is known as the destroyer of the world but he has the power to resurrect a being. With all the qualities, he is said to balance the entire universe. It's important to have a work life balance. It's great that you are a workholic and want to achieve great things professionally but don't forget there are few at home who is dreaming of your quality time with them. Strike a balance between two. Don't loose your relations, for work and vice versa. ReplyForward

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