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Heartwrenching and Powerful. Mrs Chaterjee vs Norway

*If you are brave then watch this*

In my opinion makers have thoughtfully chosen te timing of the release( Navratri). The resilience and grit of a mother cannot be expressed better than this.

I dont remember when I cried so much in a cinema hall, you totally root for the mother and hooked throughout. The struggle, hardships and rejection mother faces, it breaks your heart.

This is tight slap on face of those who says Bollywood doesn't make good movies.


The movie is based on True story of Sagarika Bhattacharya in 2011 where Norway government took her children forcefully to foster care without any consent and she fought with a nation to get back their children.


Performance by Rani mukherjee was really brilliant and authentic in her role as Debika Chatterjee really she deserves award for the this performance she was just living the role of mother who fought for their own children and performance by anirban bhattacharya was really brilliant and really he gave that performance you will surely his character and his family characters also performance by Jim Sarbh was really brilliant as Norway lawyer and when he speaks anything positive or negative you will surely feel what he said and this called as silent killer performance of the movie hat's off to him and performance by Neena Gupta was really brilliant in cameo and every supporting cast whether be foreigner or indian everyone was just brilliant and music and song's are really heart warming and emotional won't bore you and direction was really brilliant by Ashima chibber and she puts lot of effort to make this movie brilliant and screenplay was really good and tight and songs were taking the story forward. This movie deserves appreciation for bringing this concept in screen and performance by Balaji gauri at the Climax was show stealer and cinemathography was really beautiful. Overall it's must watch movie to see how Norway foster care is running business by selling Indian kids and please if you have time go watch it in theatre with family. Such movies are rarely made.

Rating ****4/5

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