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Kantara is an ultimate showdown of good vs evil

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The forest tribal community devote to Varaha and considers bhootakola(divine dance of coastal kannada) performer to rudra demigod(Lord Shiva) who is gatekeeper of the community and protects every devotee of Lord Varaha from evil spirits(living/dead).. A promise of ancestors is under threat to be breached by people over lust of materialistic gains where the ancient king had made deal with demigods as bargain for his peace. With such powerful storyline, excellent performance by every actor keeping raw background showing beautiful traditional practices of coastal

Kantara has so many layers of complexity and it's amazing how Rishabh expresses a lot while keeping it rooted, authentic and minimalistic. I love the idea of flashback and voiceover to set things going from the start. Shiva as the rebel was portrayed do well, the face-off that involves internal and external conflicts will immerse you. Idea of Shiva overcoming his fears( Nightmares) in the scene when he runs after a boar with a firelight in one hand completely blowed me over. Loved the way Shiva's character was portrayed, the way he is constantly running away from his destiny and taking refugee in material luxuries. The authenticity to mix the culture of Kambla and Bhootha Kala is absolutely Majestic. I am really flabbergasted at how these guys proudly show their culture and traditions, thats where the authenticity comes from. Not for a moment I thought I was watching a movie, I felt I was living in that village.

The sequence before climax where Shiva is sitting in Mahadevan's shop at night and goons of landlord comes to kill him with swords. Shiva is completely in his trance, smoking cannabis( Maybe trying to heal his pain, pain of losing a dear one). One of the bad guy weird a sword at Shiva, taking bunch of his hair and it went straight to fire( interestingly as per a legend that's how Veer Bhadra was born) it is believed Veer Bhadra was born due to wrath of Shiva.

Climax:- My goodness, i haven't seen a brilliantly portrayal before. Absolutely majestic. Veerabathira, Veerabathiran is a fierce and fearsome form of the Hindu god Shiva. He was created by the wrath of Shiva”. It is also known as one who destroys fear or one who is beyond fear.

Oh boy, it does send shivers down your spine. I had goosebumps together with tears.

The spirit of Rishabh Shetty to keep it authentic right from music, staging actors and costumes.

I am still in state of trance.

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Oct 23, 2022

After reading your review I went to see the film, thanks to you,i would have missed this masterpiece for life.

Yes I could relate on the points you mentioned,your mentioning about the Kaal bhairav actually can be felt in last 20 minutes, Please make us aware of such great flims , thanks and God bless 🙏


Good one bhai👍

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