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Rocketry The Nambi effect review

Gripping story, powerful scenes and tight screenplay makes Rocketry the nambi effect a winner. Your quest for something new , something fresh ,Something worth watching ends with this niche but engaging film. It was a delight to watch King Shahrukh Khan( after 42 months on a 70mm screen) in an extended cameo playing himself in the film interviewing Nambi Narayanan, he holds critical emotions of the film and makes you feel it, specially the climax scene where he apologises to Nambi Narayanan it just feels soo raw & realistic , a 15 mins cameo so beautifully portrayed by King Khan.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect begins with a wide shot of the outer space and landing into Nambi Narayanan's house in Trivandrum where we are introduced to his family. While everyone is having a good laugh over lunch, their world comes crumbling down after Nambi gets arrested on espionage charges. A few scenes where Nambi's wife gets humiliated at a wedding she was attending, his daughter sits helpless in the middle of the road as someone throws dung in her face, his son gets beaten up and his son-in-law is attacked— are painful visuals to sit through. That's when you know it's not a man who was wronged, but an entire family that took the brunt. Cut to 19 years later, we are shown an elderly Nambi in conversation with actor Shah Rukh Khan (playing himself) taking us through his hardships through a series of flashback sequences

Rocketry chronicles the journey of one of the most brilliant and skilled ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) scientist, who puts his nation and science before anything else, but is made to suffer on personal and professional level due some corrupt officials. As a young scientist, Nambi effortlessly manages to crack profitable deals outside his country that would help their department back home and India's Mars Mission. Be it earning a scholarship at Princeton, making a ridiculous demand from the CEO of Rolls Royce, leading a teaming of 52 scientists to learn technical know-how from the French and accomplishing some impossible tasks, and lastly convincing Russians to sell their technology to India at an affordable price, Madhavan does all this and more with so much charm and conviction.

The first half of the film throws way too many technical and scientific jargons at you which are difficult to understand and that makes the film a tad too heavy. But Madhavan holds no qualms about the same as he clearly doesn't compromise on the authenticity of his story. There are quite a few dialogues in English, French and even Russian, and many might find that a hinderance in the narrative, but they bring a lot of authenticity to the plot. There are some lighter moments, too, by means of Indian scientists having fun at the expense of people in different countries they visit. It's the second half of the film that's far more intense, gripping and intriguing. It shows how Nambi was tortured in the jail for a false confession that he sold secrets of rocket science to Pakistan. Here, I wish, the focus was a little more on telling us who wronged him and what was the agenda behind it, but somewhere that question remains unanswered till the very end.

That being said, throughout the film, you connect with Nambi's story on a personal level — celebrate his highs, feel the pain of his lows and cheer loud each time you sense the patriotic flavour in his actions and words. It won't be an exaggeration to call Madhavan a one-man army who puts together a spectacular show both in front of the camera and behind it, too. The research and homework that he has done behind putting together this biopic deserves an applause. He handles the subject with extreme honesty and deep understanding as a director, and portrays it with full dedication and earnestness as an actor. He has picked up nuances of Nambi to the T. His physical appearance adds to making it a believable character. Here, I'd like to mention the climax scene where Madhavan is talking to Khan and a close-up shot of his face transitions to real Nambi Narayanan. Not even for a split second you feel that's a different person. That's how real Madhavan looked on the screen.

In supporting cast, actor Simran as Nambi's wife Meena makes an impact with whatever few scenes we see her in. Then Karthik Kumar as the CBI investigating officer PM Nayar, Sam Mohan as Unni, Rajeev Ravindranathan as Param, Bhawsheel as Sartaj among others add depth to the storyline.

And having Shah Rukh Khan as the interviewer unfolding chapters from Nambi's life remains the highlight of the film. The way he emotes and gets totally involved in Nambi's story during the interview doesn't look like a scene from a film. And full credit to Madhavan here for picking such an inspiring story and telling in an even moving way that it leaves even King Khan teary eyed towards the end.

At 157 minutes, the film definitely gets a bit lengthy and a sharper editing, especially in the first half, could have made it a tighter watch. Nevertheless, some stories need that time and depth to be told and with Rocketry, you really don't complain.

It's easier to make a film on famous & celebrated personalities but this one needed guts and hats off to R Madhvan for bringing it out, this story has to be told.

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Because of the following reasons:-

1. Debut Direction by R. Madhvan ( Did wonderfully well)

2. Tight Screenplay

3. Non-linear Storytelling taking narrative back and forth.

4. Powerful scenes and scene designs. ( Scene between Unni (Sam Mohan) & Nammbi ( Madhvan)when he comes to visit Nammbi in the jail is not only emotional but it does teaches you about true friendship which can weather all storms)

5. Impactful cinematography

6. Brilliant acting by R Madhvan, Simran and other supporting cast.

This film is not a commecial entertainer so do not expect masala and over exaggeration ,this film is plain , simple & to the point which is sure to make you feel emotional, its a niche film and will cater mostly to the multiplex audience . I would totally recommend watching this movie in the cinemas.

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Rahil Khan
Rahil Khan
Jul 05, 2022

Very nice and beautifully written revie by the autho. Will watch it in the Theater today! 👏👏👏

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