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Suzhal:- The vortex (Webseries) Review

Storytelling at it's best ❤️

One of the best web series of the recent times

True to its name, it's a whirlwind or whirlpool where there are different character having different issues which has different layers to them. And it is not always, what it seems.

*Theme:-* A goddess hunts down a monster in both reel and mythical sense in the freshly released . It is how the myth, accompanied by the fervour of the goddess’ followers and the resultant visuals weaved into its narrative that makes this show stand out. The visuals are part intimidating and part hypnotic just like faith in this deity – if you believe in her powers you will be in awe, if you don’t then you might be left feeling haunted.

*Settings* :- Set in a small town called Samblur, Suzhal: The Vortex revolves around the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl Nila, who goes missing on the first night of Mayana Kollai- a nine-day-long festival observed to worship goddess Angala Parameshwari.

*Story* :- When a minor went missing, entire sambalpur and his father Shanmugan looks for her in every nook & corner of the city. On the same night, a local factory, also a source of employment to many of the townsfolk, burns to the ground. Both the investigations are being led by Inspector Regina Thomas (Sriya Reddy) and Sub Inspector Sakkarai (Kathir) two capable yet corrupt police officers. Things get murkier and convoluted with each episode as the officers find their personal lives tangled in the case and caught in between is Nandini (Aishwarya Rajesh) Nila’s sister – who is determined to find out the fate of her younger sibling.

The series has been created by Pushkar and Gayathri(husband wife duo) makers of the acclaimed and popular Tamil film Vikram Vedha, and the duo doesn’t disappoint, at least when it comes to crafting the mystery around Nila’s disappearance. With every episode, we feel that we might know where the mystery might be headed, only for another revelation to turn the narrative on its head.

*Introduction* :- When we are introduced to Samblur it is a town throbbing with anger and worship. The factory employees are in midst of a protest, helmed by Shanmugam, while the rest of the residents are in the final phase of preparations for Mayana Kollai. With this festival, the web series creates an atmosphere of mysticism and horror. Some of the visuals from the festival do not make for an easy watch – especially the one involving the eating of a live bird during the festivities. What does help though is the elaborate trivia that are added about these scenes with every episode that help you understand the festival and its importance? The worshippers carrying a skull as part of the flag-raising ceremony, those walking on fire and even a symbolic unearthing of the dead from the undergrounds, each of the rituals or acts performed are rooted in folklore and once you read about it, you get a better grasp on how the story of people of Samblur is mimicking the folklore around goddess Angala.

Parallels and metaphors are drawn brilliantly in the story.

Performance of all the actors is outstanding. My favourite is Kathir. He just nailed it. Cinematography is of another level, be it a sequence where monkey's are overlooking the fight for power at factory or the couple's favourite place the graveyard, it looked poetic.

There are several sub-plots that develop over course of 8 episodes. Sub-plots are beautifully connected with the main plot and having a connection to what may lead to the probable culprit.

You tend to doubt every character and just when you think you know the culprit, it gives you another twist.

I also liked the character arc of Sakkarai (Kathir) & Ms Regina(Reddy).

The fictional world create glued me to the screen and I binged watched all 8 episodes in one go. What i liked the most is how the story has mythological reference.

The show sets off after 3 episode. For the first 3 episode, it reveals about the characters and their relationship.

This is a masterpiece which should be used in workshops to teach story telling in this format.

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Jun 23, 2022

It's interesting ,thanks for sharing your review with us.

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