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The Divine Dance:- A short story

The Divine Dance There lived a girl in Nainital. She was passionate about dance. Dance was nectar for her which can lift her from all the pains and miseries life had given her over the years. At 8, her parents were separated. She could never get love from both parents. From an early age itself she was deprived of love. She was too young to understand anything at that time. She was so brilliant at classical dance that anyone who saw her dancing was left mesmerized. She was indeed God Gifted or may be "Goddess of Dance”. It was a cultural event in the college. Shakti participated in it. She was in first year studying B.Sc. There were participants from all fields and many seniors were Pro in their respective fields. As she was a fresher, no one noticed her and didn't take her as a competition. Pooja, a Senior from Final year came on the stage with loud cheers from the entire hall. She performed exceptionally well. All her classmates already declared Pooja as a winner. Now it was Shakti's turn and the moment she entered the stage everybody started booing her. It was her first stage appearance in college. People started making remarks on her appearance. She was beautiful but just to distract her, they booed her very badly. She was nervous, her body was shivering out of fear. She chose the classical category. As soon as music started playing she started showing her moves. There was a pin drop silence in the hall. Shivanshu, a second year student, watched her dance. He couldn't believe what he saw. She had her hands raised gracefully to her sides as she enacted various movements of the dance. She danced in accordance with the beats, first to the left and then to the right. As she moves sideways, her silky long hairs roll down her shoulders like the water streams that flow flawlessly on the earth. He was mesmerized once again. The varying emotions of bliss and anger of the story being told was expressed effortlessly by her. All other participants just danced for fun with expressions. And a Dance without bhav is like rain without clouds. Every single person in the hall stood up and gave a standing ovation. It was indeed a jaw dropping performance. They felt they were fortunate to see "Divine" dance. Shivanshu kept staring at her. Shalini, a close friend of Shakti, saw him staring at her. She went to him and told, "Hey close your mouth there are lots of flies around" He was embarrassed and smiled sheepishly. He insisted Shalini introduce him to Shakti. She said “Shakti is not like that and she is a focused girl. Don't even think about that.” She left. One fine Morning, he was passing by a garden where he heard the sound of Dhol and anklet. Someone seems to be dancing nearby. A dancer is always attracted to such sounds. When he reached the garden, his eyes were wide open. It was Shakti practicing along with Shalini. They both saw him and ignored. He raised both his arms in an elegant circular movement to the sides to bring them in line with shoulders. His left hand was open with its palm facing upwards as if he is receiving some divine blessings. Shakti stared in wonder at Shivanshu. He was performing the same steps as her. Yet it looked like a completely different dance. His hands moved effortlessly as his body moved almost magically. As he continued dancing, it created a magical aura. Many passersby stopped to see him dance. Those who saw him dance, felt they had seen something Godly. There was a round of applause for him. But he was lost in his own world. He did not dance for the audience, he did not dance for appreciation, he didn't dance for music. He danced for Shakti. By seeing her, he danced like he has never before. He too was surprised at this. As he had not experienced this ever before. Shakti was overjoyed, ran towards him and hugged him. “Shiva you have come back…” She Said. They hugged tightly. There were tears of ecstasy from Shinshu’s eyes. Shalini was dumbfounded at what she saw. She ran and tried to push Shakti away from Shivanshu. They were inseparable. She saw a bucket of water nearby and splashed the water on them. Shakti regained her consciousness and was embarrassed. She took her dupatta and ran away. Shivanshu was also confused as to what had happened and why it happened. Shalini cursed shivanshu for performing black magic on shakti. On reaching home, Shalini gave Shakti a mouthful. She said " What did you do Shakti? What had happened to you? Do you like that guy? You can't be doing this.” Shakti was scared and nervous too. She said “I don't know how it happened. It all happened magically. But whatever happened I loved it. It felt divinely in his arms. His muscular body was so warm and it's something I could die for. I really feel I have some connection with Shivanshu and I feel I know him from ages.” Surely the connection between the two was divine. They both were indeed Twin flames. Like first twin flames of this universe “Shiv and Shakti". They both completed each other. Next day, she met Shivanshu, there was warmth and both looked each other in the eyes. Shivanshu's eyes were as deep as an ocean. Shakti told him this, “I want to dive deep in those ocean eyes.” When they were together they forgot that they had met only a couple of days ago. They both were lost in their own world. It's only when they are alone sometime at home and when they come to their senses, they would talk to themselves and think how can we go so fast? They didn't bother anything when they were together. They enjoyed their time together. Finally everything seems to fall in place for them. They ate together, roamed around the country and had a time of their life. They both were nature lovers and had planned to spend the rest of their life in an isolated place away from the city's hustle bustle. They spent College time happily, they both got placed in a firm and were very happy. They both got their posting in Mumbai. They had to leave in a week’s time. Before starting their career, they thought of celebrating the success at Chakrata, a village near Nainital. As both of them loved peace and always wanted to live in isolation. Shakti was packing all the stuff that was to be taken along. Shivanshu had asked her to be at the Bus stop at 5pm. She reached on time and boarded all the luggage, it was 4:45 Pm. She was waiting for Shivanshu to arrive. It was raining heavily. Shakti lived nearby so she reached quite comfortably but Shivanshu was still not there. Finally, Shivanshu arrived a minute before the bus left. He was all drenched in rain and his t-shirt hugged his muscular body. They reached Chakarta and there was incessant rains. The town was on red alert. They had booked ‘Chani’ (Chani' is a temporary house built by hill people as they migrate to cooler places located at higher altitudes during summer.) They both were enjoying the rainfalls. They enjoyed the picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful views of Chakarta. They were tired, so they slept after having Hot n Sour Soup. All of a sudden, there was heavy downpour and cloudburst in Chakarta. Incessant rains for over 24 hours caused by the remnants of Cyclone Tauktae lashed Uttarakhand. Three of a family were also killed following a cloudburst in Chakrata. A Couple was killed following a cloudburst in Uttarakhand’s Chakrata on Thursday as incessant rains for over 24 hours caused by the remnants of Cyclone Tauktae triggered a slew of landslides in hill areas, blocking several national highways. “A Couple was buried alive at their 'chani' (temporary house) caved in under the impact of the landslide.” Chakrata police station in-charge Anup Nayal said. Remnants of cyclone Tauktae coupled with a western disturbance have had its impact in Uttarakhand too with incessant rains battering the state for over 24 hours and causing a sharp dip in temperature at most places.

Somewhere in the space their soul meets and Shakti says these lines:-

Pyaar se mujhe pyaar huwa tujhe paakar!

Yeh janam mera yaadgaar huwa tujhe paakar!

Khud ko bhulakar tujhe paya per yeh jazbaat Qudrat ko naa bhaya!

Door kar diya tujhe mujhse khud zameen pe aakar!

Kudrat b Anjan hai mere pyaar se, Hum to 2 jism ek jaan hai, lad jayenge Kudrat se b ankh se ankh milakar! Zameen per naa sahi to asmaan me ghoomenge haath se haath milakar!

~Shakti ~

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